PRICE: $4.50 PER PIECE Selling at $7+ at Guardian and Sephora!
Fermentation aesthetics ‘Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask’ is a brand of oriental medicine skin science born in “Hana Green Oriental Medical Clinic” of the oriental medicine skin specialist majored in Oriental Medicine of Kyung-Hee University.

With the extra ‘Clinic Mask’ with bamboo matured ‘Mae-seon Fermentation Solution’ applying the principal of Oriental medicine aesthetic care and ‘Booster only for Masks’ promoting absorption of the mask, it is a 2-Step (improvement in wrinkle + whitening functional mask providing double pleasure.)

Connecting Fermenting and Maturing in a Bamboo + Medical Skin Clinic
“2-Step Fusion Oriental Medicine Mask”

Step 1: Booster Ampoule (Skin base ampoule)
– Promotes high absorbency of skin
– 100% Bamboo water
– Improvement in wrinkle + whitening

Step 2: Mediental Clinic Mask
– Targeted effects

Maeseon-Tox Firming & Lifting Clinic Mask (Pink)
Improves wrinkles, lifting
It improves the skin problems including skin sagging, wrinkles and lowering elasticity.

Teaban-Yakchim Hydrating & Renewal Clinic Mask (Orange)
Skin regeneration, moisturises
It helps recover from the old-damaged skin, provides the skin with nutrition, and promotes skin renewal.

Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask (Purple)
Improves skin pigmentation, whitening
It clears blemishes on the skin and makes dark and bad complexion bright and shiny.

Hwa-Chim TCA Soothing Pore Care Clinic Mask (Green)
Soothing, Pore care
It controls fever of the skin so that it prevents skin troubles and strengthens skin immunity.


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  1. just asking, will you sell healing masks series?

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