Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long long time since my partial hiatus  and this will be the last order I’ll be doing! Do stock up!

Things to note:

– Products have a shelf life of about 2-3 years, and all (if not most) are manufactured less than 6 months ago
– There will be LOTS of freebies and samples given away as I’ll be clearing out all my stock!
– Some products have different names, but the product content remains the same
– These products retails at Guardian, Sephora and BHG for 30-60% more!

Taking orders till: 30 Apr 13


– 10% off with min $30

– No payment no order
– I reserve the right to cancel the order and refund everyone if the response is insufficient
– Waiting time of 2-3 weeks after order is submitted
– Masks not purchased in boxes might not be ordered if qty is insufficient

– $1 flat rate normal mailing for all orders
– FREE normal mailing for orders above $30
– FREE registered mailing or smartpac for orders above $80

EMAIL or use the Enquiry Form to order!

Order Format
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Mailing Method: Normal/ Registered Mail/ Smartpac/ Courier
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Taking orders for these products:

Petifee Eye Mask (60pc eye + 30 spot)
1) Gold & EGF
2) Ginseng & EGF
$30 each
$55 for 2
$100 for 4
Petifee Eye Mask (60pc eye + 30 spot)
1) Collagen
2) Arbutin
$25 each
$45 for 2
$80 for 4
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic Foam Cleanser
1) Collagen
2) Tea Tree
$18 each
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic Essential Masks
1) COLLAGEN Impact Essential Mask
2) Platinum v – Lift Essential Mask
3) VITA Lightbeam Essential Mask
4) TEATREE Healing Solution
Essential Mask
5) Placenta Revital Essential Mask
$2.50 each
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic Ampoule Masks
1) E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask
2) I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask
3) P.D.T AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask
4) N.M.F AQUARING Ampoule Mask
$3 each
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic 2 Step Masks
1) Aqua Double Smart Filler Mask
2) White Double Smart Laser Mask
3) Collagen Plus Smart Filler Mask
4) Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask
5) Pore Down Smart Tox Mask
6) Trouble Minus Smart Laser Mask
$4.50 each
Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask
1) Balhyo-Tanryeok (Anti Wrinkle)
2) Balhyo-Boyangsu (Hydrating)
3) Balhyo-Mibaek (Whitening)
4) Balhyo-Jinjeong (Troubled Skin)
$3 each
Bidanpo Mediental Clinic 2 Step Masks
1) Maeseon-Tox Firming & Lifting Clinic Mask (Pink)
2) Teaban-Yakchim Hydrating & Renewal Clinic Mask (Orange)
3) Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask (Purple)
4) Hwa-Chim TCA Soothing Pore Care Clinic Mask (Green)
$4.50 each
Dr.Fomula Paraffin Foot Pack $3 each
Dry Essence Hand Pack $3 each
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream 60ml SPF50+/PA+++ $22 per bottle
$40 for two
Leaders/ Beauty Clinic Blackhead Suction Nose Pack 10pc + Pore Stamping Serum*get an extra tube of Pore Stamping Serum with every order! $10 per box
$18 for two boxes

Do drop me a message or email if you have any other enquiries or requests!

Thank you!


Hello Joy Pharm!

4 July marks the start of Joy Pharm, my little shop where you can purchase awesome products.

You can find me on Facebook too!

Information might be a little sparse now, but it’s all going to be up soon! Check out my FB for some products now, various photos are up 🙂

Drop me an email at or use the enquiry form if you want a particular product that you don’t see!